Program: "How to Accomplish More in Less Time in Higher Ed Administration"

Does your job in higher education make you feel overworked, stressed, or overwhelmed? I have compiled for you my most effective strategies to optimize your time allocation. 

You will become more productive, effective, relaxed, and confident knowing you are doing an outstanding job without making personal sacrifices.

5-WEEK PROGRAM for only $47!

You will discover how to

  • Get all of your important work done quickly. 
  • Remove from your to-do list non-essential tasks. 
  • Make your meetings more efficient. 
  • Create structure and set healthy boundaries. 
  • Use a better project management framework. 
  • Leverage resources. 
  • Empower others to step up. 
  • Enhance your leadership skills. 
  • Stop procrastination, avoidance, and overwhelm. 
  • Get motivated and keep the momentum. 
  • Feel relaxed and at peace knowing everything is under control. 

What makes this coaching program unique

  • Specific: Strategies and examples 100% customized to higher ed administration. 
  • Flexible: No rigid class time; do the modules at your convenience. 
  • Practical: Audio recordings you can save on your phone (or any other electronic device) to listen on the go + full transcripts and worksheets. 
  • Efficient: Nothing superfluous, no reading assignments, only the essentials you can implement immediately. 
  • Fast: You can do each module in one hour and complete the 5 modules in 5 weeks or less. 
  • Effective: Includes strategies to disrupt old habits and end self-sabotage to create long-lasting change. 
  • Exceptionally low cost: Discover my best strategies at a fraction of the price of one-on-one coaching. 

You Are Only 5 Modules Away From Increasing Your Productivity and Having Free Time


  • Module 1: Prioritizing and Setting Standards 
  • Module 2: Organization and Daily Habits 
  • Module 3: Outcome-Driven Project Management 
  • Module 4: Improving Productivity and Resourcefulness 
  • Module 5: Committing to Long-Lasting Change 


Benefits of this program 

  • Feel in control of your calendar, your workload, and your accomplishments. 
  • Be less busy and more productive. 
  • Learn to avoid interruptions and distractions. 
  • Live up to your full potential. 
  • Become a more effective manager and inspiring leader. 
  • Enjoy more free time guilt-free. 
  • Relieve pressure and reduce stress. 
  • Develop empowering habits and become an even better version of yourself. 

Two Options


Self-study program

5-module coaching program 

  • 5 audio recordings 
  • Full transcript and worksheets 


  • Q&A videos 
  • Lifetime access  


Do this program as self-study for only $47


Add 3 coaching sessions

5-module coaching program

  • 5 audio recordings 
  • Full transcript and worksheets 
  • Submit questions by e-mail (for 5 weeks)
  • THREE 1-hour one-on-one COACHING SESSIONS by phone


  • Q&A videos 
  • Lifetime access 
  • Access to all future bonuses, additions, and updates. 

Get the complete program with THREE 1-hour individual coaching sessions with Dr. Audrey Reille for $750

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Order now  - $750

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About Dr. Audrey Reille

Audrey Reille. M.B.A., Ed.D. is the go-to Executive Coach for leaders in higher education administration. 

She empowers them to thrive by reducing stress, optimizing strategies, becoming more effective, improving professional relationships, and developing a strong and empowered mindset. 

She worked in the California Community College System for over ten years before transitioning to coaching, training, and public speaking. 

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